Authentic family photo sessions in DFW, Tx.

“Photographs that do more than prove you existed.”

Fort Worth / DFW Family lifestyle photography

I want to show that you lived passionately and loved feircely. I am continuously drawn to the dramatic and emotive ways we connect with our loved ones and our surroundings. A session with me is wholly focused on taking the time to slow down and really appreciate the long embraces, subtitles of affection and to say the words we often don’t take time to say.

My deepest desire is to capture you and your loved ones at your best; genuinely enjoying each other’s company, making new memories together and being true to who you are. Let’s create space for authentic and emotive moments to happen.

Rebecca Edmonson is an award winning and published photographer living in Fort Worth, Tx. You can see her work here:

Birth Story – DFW home birth| Baby Zephaniah

Alexandra was someone I connected with over coffee one evening. We chatted about all things birth and our passions for parents having those raw, gritty, powerful feelings in birth. She wanted an out of hospital birth where she felt strong and empowered.

I remember the days leading up to her due date, and then going past it. She was even given a date of a scheduled induction is baby Z didn’t make his appearance soon. I knew this went against everything she was hoping for. She texted me ” I hope he becomes before then but I have peace about being induced in the hospital should it come to that. The plan is to birth at home up until Monday.”

Then 4 hours later……..

“Good news! Contractions are painful and coming every 2 – 4 minutes apart. My midwife is heading over.”

If you are hoping to have your birth story documented, please reach out! I adore connecting with growing families and chatting about all the birthy things and I can answer ANY questions you and your partner might have about birth photography.

Life Diagrams Photography documents the stories that mean the most to us in the most sincere way.

“All photographs have been approved by family with written permission to share on the Life Diagrams Blog.”

Birth story- VBAC out of hospital birth | Baby Raylan

This mama rocked her two day labor at Kueo Birth Center in Decatur, Texas. VBAC mama brought her baby earth side weighing in at a whopping 10lbs and 2oz!!

“Rebecca is an amazing photographer. She captured the most precious moments of my labor & delivery. Highly recommend her. ❤️” – Rachel C.

Newborn – B| Fort Worth Life Style photographer | Life Diagrams Photography


c o n t e m p l a t I v e


I believe newborns are perfect as they are, simply being themselves at this very short stage in life.

I like to use natural lighting and natural poses. Instead of using backdrops, my client’s and I use our time together to meditate on the gift that this little one has been in their life. A newborn session with me is a contemplative experience. I love getting to know the family’s story and focusing on the intimate details of deep connection. 

Newborn Lifestyle session – Fort Worth, Tx. Life Diagrams Photography

Maternity in bloom

Though it may be hard to make sense of everything you lost, the beautiful thing about it is that you don’t have to. You can focus on this new day that has just been given to you, and rest in sweet assurance that even in the little things, light is still pouring through. -Morgan Harper Nichols.

Through light and tears

we will grow.

Maternity in bloom – Life Diagrams Photography – Rebecca Edmonson
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growing season

I think in more ways then one.

I’m chasing after growth this year after so. much. loss. I’ m reading introspective books, studying the enneagram ( I’m a 4) and was able to upgrade my gear. I’m excited how my new camera handles low light and allows my lens to be used to its fullest potential. It will prove useful during birth and in-home newborn sessions. Right now, I’m off call and enjoying the best of spring. Our Kale is flowering in our back garden and its lovely.

Behind the scenes

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Fort Worth Creatives – Photographer Rebecca Edmonson

Birth story | Dallas Tx Birth Photography – Life Diagrams Photography, Rebecca Edmonson | birth of Hunter

One part of the birth story that always surprises my families is their beautiful heirloom album that arrives shortly after their online gallery. They get to choose their favorite images from their gallery then approve the album pages that I specially create for them. Below is a sample of album page previews of Hunter’s birth story.