Birth | Jonah

I first met Monica and Colby at White Rhino Coffee shop where we discussed the birth plan for their third child. This would be a new experience for them at a new location, birthing a son, and trying a natural birth. 

Birth Story of baby Jonah

  This birth story begins with unexpected news during a prenatal checkup. When Monica’s plans of having an unmedicated birth had to be brought back up for discussion.

She was diagnosed with Intrahepatic cholestasis of Pregnancy (ICP) and was now on the clock to have a baby under the care of her midwife. Thankfully, Monica’s decisions for a mostly unmedicated birth were still supported and she would get to see it through with help from midwife Carla.





Published by Rebecca Edmonson

Hello, my name is Rebecca. I am a second-generation homeschooling mom of three and wife of eleven blissful years to my husband, Bryan. Early in life I had the opportunity to open and manage Mill Street Coffee Shop with a good friend of mine back in my hometown. I enjoyed the community we built and the espresso we served for a few years before moving on and starting a family in the Fort Worth area. Bryan and I stayed in the coffee industry for a while, roasting coffee and selling it at farmers' markets while we were raising our babies. We still roast for our own enjoyment and like to give out coffee to our friends. I am fortunate now to be in a season of life where I can circle back to my college studies and finish my degree from our little home in Azle. While being at home, I also help manage my husband's business - Upholstery Rehab, photograph growing families through Life DIagrams Photography, help admin for my local mom's Facebook group - Azle moms as well as host our annual Azle moms Costume Swap in October. I started my neighborhood's Christmas page - Azlewood Christmas in hopes to spread some cheer through difficult times in 2020. Please feel free to reach out, I love to connect with my neighbors!

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