NEWBORN | Baby Henry

My purpose for newborn life style sessions is to capture families in their own environment, connected and relaxed together. Instead of using props, we use laughter, cuddles, and intimate family bonds. These sessions portray authentic daily life with a new baby and more importantly, real memories to remember.

When I first heard about Sarah’s pregnancy I was ecstatic! I knew she would have the cutest baby, cutest nursery and coolest story to tell! Sarah is the queen of vintage decorating and owns My Vintage Past Life– a cool etsy shop with vintage style. Baby Henry inherited a mighty fine nursery thanks to his mom’s creative eye!




“As each day draws to a close, may you embrace God’s grace, trusting He will fill every gap. Instead of being unsettled by imperfections, may you be undone by Jesus’ perfect love for you. Instead of fretting over missteps, may you rejoice that He never leaves your side. The One who moves mountains and gives miracles loves  breathing life into you. May you wholeheartedly know that
He is for you.”

If you are growing a family, big or small – lets connect! I would love to talk to you about what a lifestyle session could look like for you.

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