A simple list for pregnant moms in Fort Worth, Tx.

You just found out you are expecting and are already in nesting mode for the next 9 months.  – that was me.

 Now you’re scouring Pinterest and baby center for any bit of information to prepare you for pregnancy and delivery.

Here is The magic list for every pregnant mom living in the DFW area.

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First, slow down. You deserve it. Your body is working overtime and you have experienced every emotion and discomfort that comes with the miracle of growing a baby. This is the time in life to take care of yourself. This doesn’t mean you are being selfish, just sometimes, in different seasons of life, we need a little extra. You have permission.

It is essential to do before baby arrives. Because you are worth it.

Self-love is a big deal in preparing for baby. It improves your self-esteem, which leads to better over all care. It’s because when you love yourself, you’re much more likely to engage in activities that contribute to better nutrition and physical fitness, and less likely to make unhealthy choices. 

Love is the antidote to stress and encourages your body to produce oxytocin, which helps you remain calmer, absorb more nutrients and sleep better. All  A +++ for baby.

Oxytocin or the “love hormone” is responsible for uterine contractions during labor. (All my 40+week mamas, I feel for ya, so listen up!) If you are pregnant, don’t fret because that really does affect your body negatively and will cause the release of stress hormones that compete with Oxytocin or even suppress it. You’re probably sitting on the couch balancing a bowl of ice-cream and starting to worry about worrying. Well, don’t. Instead, stop and take a breather, take a bath and order in… whatever it takes to make a step in the right direction.

Self-love can look like many different things for a lot of people.

So, here is my compilation of self – love ideas if you live in or around Fort Worth, Texas.

#1. Treat yourself to something you want for the nursery

  • Every mom has a dream nursery but things like space, climate, budget, and reality tend to get in the way of that. Treat yourself to at least one item that you are in love with and can’t stop thinking about. You will be spending ample amounts of time… ok, most of your time in baby’s room so why not make it a place that you also enjoy being in?

Upholstered Rocking Chair   |    Rainy Day Painting by Artist Kate Pugsley   |   Sunshine Rug

That can look like a super comfy upholstered rocking chair, a piece of art to hang on the walls with aspirations for your baby’s future or a rug that you KNOW you’ll end up falling asleep on… more than once. 

#2. Reach out to friends. 

Yes, they are excited about your baby shower, and rightly so, but don’t let them forget about you. Ask your besties to plan a night out or in for you to catch up on life and feel somewhat normal. Right now your mind is being consumed by everything baby and will be for a really long time. Take time for yourself to hang out with friends and talk about something else. Go to a concert, art show, movie, whatever it is that helps you feel like your old self again. (This is especially important after you give birth too, remind your friends of that and have a night planned postpartum! Fort Worth Locals try The Bird Cafe. They have a fun brunch menu and something called the badass bacon waffle and fresh basil lime cooler.

#3. Invest in monthly subscription boxes during the length of your pregnancy.

There are some out there that are only $10 and go up from there. They have a wide variety of choices from healthy snacks, (here), baby products from (Bluum), and safe all natural beauty products from (Petit Vour). Having something arrive at your home every month can perk up your day and sometimes make your week after fighting off morning sickness. Treat yo self!

#4. Prenatal massage!

Invest in Certified Prenatal Massage therapist. They will be trained to properly relieve round ligament pain, pelvic pain, low back pain and sciatic discomforts among others. If you are local schedule an appointment with Brandi art Happy Baby Bellies. 

#5. Find your hospital bag essentials. 

I’m not going to tell you what to put in your bag because it’s been done before but I’m going to tell you to add a robe/kimono. Not the one in the back of your closet, but that comfy-cozy, silky one that you have your eye on. You will want it and wish you had something light weight and comfortable during postpartum night sweats. Like this one (here).

#6. Maternity and Postpartum clothes.

My first time being pregnant I managed to get through without having to actually buy anything and used a rubber band to hold my pants up instead of buttoning them. Let me just tell you that by the third time around I was buying real maternity pants (like these here), that not once cut into my ever expanding hips. I know you will only be wearing them for a short period of time but your body and your nerves with thank you. Because they aren’t worn for very long, it’s easy to find really nice used clothing. There are also websites that cater to pregnant moms that want to try (renting) their maternity clothing. Give both a try and see what you like. I liked using the app Poshmark. 

#7. Chiropractic care.

It isn’t just safe, it actually promotes healthy and easier labors. The Webster Technique focuses on facilitating balance in the pelvic and abdominal muscles and ligaments, which in turn reduces constraint to your uterus allowing the baby to get into the best possible position for birth. If you are local (Fort Worth), book with Michelle at The Chiropractic place for Mommy & Me.

#8. Natural Pedicures.

When you reach a point in your pregnancy you stop being able to see your toes. Bending over isn’t going to happen either. Taking care of your feet should be on every new mom’s list of things to do. With all the extra weight and swelling your feet need more attention now than ever. Find a spa that offers natural treatments like mango and coffee scrubs to exfoliate, massage and treat those feet with reflexology and a pretty pedi. If you’re local try Hollywood Nails and Spa on Camp Bowie.

#9. Prenatal Yoga

Do yourself a favor and try a class. It will give you the energy you need to enjoy your pregnancy. If you’re in Fort Worth try Urban Yoga. They have prenatal classes and you can flow right into their Baby and Me Yoga class after you have your little zen.  Namaste.

#10. Maternity Photography

Why? Because you are glorious and it will be so special to be able to look back at your body that GREW. A. TINY. HUMAN. INSIDE. OF. YOU. 

Remember, the real point is to love yourself, be patient with yourself, have grace for yourself and learn all about this new person you are becoming. If there’s something on my list you totally agree with and maybe have a good story of why it’s so important, I’d love to hear it! If you think I missed something you know to be a must have to pregnancy, I need to know!

All the love, 


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Rebecca Edmonson is an award winning, published birth photographer living in Fort Worth, Texas. You can see her work here: www.LifeDiagramsPhotography.com


Published by Rebecca Edmonson

Hello, my name is Rebecca. I am a second-generation homeschooling mom of three and wife of eleven blissful years to my husband, Bryan. Early in life I had the opportunity to open and manage Mill Street Coffee Shop with a good friend of mine back in my hometown. I enjoyed the community we built and the espresso we served for a few years before moving on and starting a family in the Fort Worth area. Bryan and I stayed in the coffee industry for a while, roasting coffee and selling it at farmers' markets while we were raising our babies. We still roast for our own enjoyment and like to give out coffee to our friends. I am fortunate now to be in a season of life where I can circle back to my college studies and finish my degree from our little home in Azle. While being at home, I also help manage my husband's business - Upholstery Rehab, photograph growing families through Life DIagrams Photography, help admin for my local mom's Facebook group - Azle moms as well as host our annual Azle moms Costume Swap in October. I started my neighborhood's Christmas page - Azlewood Christmas in hopes to spread some cheer through difficult times in 2020. Please feel free to reach out, I love to connect with my neighbors!

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