FILM | Birth of Shiloh

Hospital Birth | Fort Worth, Tx. | Induction | Little sister |

Second time mama rocked this birth like a champ! I loved being with this family, they had jokes and got me cracking up the whole day! I am so excited about this emotional birth, little babe already had dad wrapped around her little fingers.


What thoughts or feelings have come up during this pregnancy?Pure excitement & loads of joy. We have been wanting our girl for a very long time & finally blessed with just that

What are you most looking forward to about the arrival of your new baby?

Finally getting to hold her on our arms & for my son to meet his baby sister. He’s super proud & very excited for her to be here! (He’s 6 years old)


What is most important to you that I capture?The first glimpse of her & as they lay her on my chest & we get to meet her for the first time. I specially would love to capture those moments of the looks on our faces & to each other. Best part!

Enjoy Shiloh Highlight film and images.

Shiloh- Life Diagrams Photography-69


Shiloh- Life Diagrams Photography-1Shiloh- Life Diagrams Photography-4Shiloh- Life Diagrams Photography-7Shiloh- Life Diagrams Photography-8Shiloh- Life Diagrams Photography-17Shiloh- Life Diagrams Photography-24Shiloh- Life Diagrams Photography-25Shiloh- Life Diagrams Photography-26Shiloh- Life Diagrams Photography-35Shiloh- Life Diagrams Photography-57Shiloh- Life Diagrams Photography-66Shiloh- Life Diagrams Photography-69Shiloh- Life Diagrams Photography-71Shiloh- Life Diagrams Photography-73Shiloh- Life Diagrams Photography-76Shiloh- Life Diagrams Photography-77Shiloh- Life Diagrams Photography-78Shiloh- Life Diagrams Photography-80Shiloh- Life Diagrams Photography-82Shiloh- Life Diagrams Photography-86Shiloh- Life Diagrams Photography-105Shiloh- Life Diagrams Photography-107Shiloh- Life Diagrams Photography-109Shiloh- Life Diagrams Photography-113Shiloh- Life Diagrams Photography-116Shiloh- Life Diagrams Photography-119Shiloh- Life Diagrams Photography-121Shiloh- Life Diagrams Photography-124Shiloh- Life Diagrams Photography-129Shiloh- Life Diagrams Photography-133Shiloh- Life Diagrams Photography-136Shiloh- Life Diagrams Photography-139Shiloh- Life Diagrams Photography-140Shiloh- Life Diagrams Photography-148Shiloh- Life Diagrams Photography-154Shiloh- Life Diagrams Photography-164Shiloh- Life Diagrams Photography-178Shiloh- Life Diagrams Photography-183Shiloh- Life Diagrams Photography-184


Sweet girl welcome! Your big brother is so happy you are here!

If you are interested in having your birth documented , please connect! I would love to talk all things birth and newborn.

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