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Fort Worth Birth

 Hospital birth | Mckinney, Texas | First baby | precipitous  labor – 3hours.

I had an amazing time watching this little guy be born under 3 hours. I mean, I tore through my house and into my car to get to this birth like mad woman but when I got there, mama was already 8cm and so relaxed, waiting to meet her baby. Her body might have hurried things along but there was no rush in the room. Just slow, intentional moments and pushes with just enough pause to soak up her husband’s excitement to catch his boy.

  • What are you most looking forward to about the arrival of your new baby?
    Getting to see his personality/what he looks like. Watching my husband be a father.

Birth of Wyatt-10Birth of Wyatt-82Birth of Wyatt-2Birth of Wyatt-3Birth of Wyatt-4Birth of Wyatt-13Birth of Wyatt-6Birth of Wyatt-16Birth of Wyatt-18Birth of Wyatt -22Birth of Wyatt-25Birth of Wyatt-26Birth of Wyatt-35Birth of Wyatt-39Birth of Wyatt-38Birth of Wyatt-45Birth of Wyatt-200Birth of Wyatt-48Birth of Wyatt-49Birth of Wyatt-51Birth of Wyatt-75Birth of Wyatt-85Birth of Wyatt-88Birth of Wyatt-93Birth of Wyatt-95Birth of Wyatt-97Birth of Wyatt-100Birth of Wyatt-105Birth of Wyatt-109Birth of Wyatt-111Birth of Wyatt-113Birth of Wyatt-114Birth of Wyatt-117Birth of Wyatt-119Birth of Wyatt-120Birth of Wyatt-123Birth of Wyatt-127Birth of Wyatt-128Birth of Wyatt-130Birth of Wyatt-132Birth of Wyatt-136Birth of Wyatt-139Birth of Wyatt-143Birth of Wyatt-144Birth of Wyatt-146Birth of Wyatt-147Birth of Wyatt-151Birth of Wyatt-155Birth of Wyatt-156Birth of Wyatt-157Birth of Wyatt-161Birth of Wyatt-166Birth of Wyatt-171Birth of Wyatt-70

Welcome little Wyatt. We are overcome with joy that you are finally here. Your mom and dad were amazing and you are loved by so many!

If you would like to learn more about birth photography or interested in having your story documented, please, connect! I would love to hear from you and chat all things birth & newborn!


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Hello, my name is Rebecca. I am a second-generation homeschooling mom of three and wife of eleven blissful years to my husband, Bryan. Early in life I had the opportunity to open and manage Mill Street Coffee Shop with a good friend of mine back in my hometown. I enjoyed the community we built and the espresso we served for a few years before moving on and starting a family in the Fort Worth area. Bryan and I stayed in the coffee industry for a while, roasting coffee and selling it at farmers' markets while we were raising our babies. We still roast for our own enjoyment and like to give out coffee to our friends. I am fortunate now to be in a season of life where I can circle back to my college studies and finish my degree from our little home in Azle. While being at home, I also help manage my husband's business - Upholstery Rehab, photograph growing families through Life DIagrams Photography, help admin for my local mom's Facebook group - Azle moms as well as host our annual Azle moms Costume Swap in October. I started my neighborhood's Christmas page - Azlewood Christmas in hopes to spread some cheer through difficult times in 2020. Please feel free to reach out, I love to connect with my neighbors!

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