Birth Story – DFW home birth| Baby Zephaniah

Alexandra was someone I connected with over coffee one evening. We chatted about all things birth and our passions for parents having those raw, gritty, powerful feelings in birth. She wanted an out of hospital birth where she felt strong and empowered.

I remember the days leading up to her due date, and then going past it. She was even given a date of a scheduled induction is baby Z didn’t make his appearance soon. I knew this went against everything she was hoping for. She texted me ” I hope he becomes before then but I have peace about being induced in the hospital should it come to that. The plan is to birth at home up until Monday.”

Then 4 hours later……..

“Good news! Contractions are painful and coming every 2 – 4 minutes apart. My midwife is heading over.”

If you are hoping to have your birth story documented, please reach out! I adore connecting with growing families and chatting about all the birthy things and I can answer ANY questions you and your partner might have about birth photography.

Life Diagrams Photography documents the stories that mean the most to us in the most sincere way.

“All photographs have been approved by family with written permission to share on the Life Diagrams Blog.”

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