The constellations are beautiful diagrams that poets, farmers and astronomers have created over the years. Their purpose is to help navigate the thousands of stars visible on a dark night. Our ancestors used them to make meaning of their stories and experiences. My intent is to document our lives with the same poetic purpose. To celebrate and pass down the joy we share with our loved ones in the most sincere way.

I’m happy you’ve made it here, I want you to know it is truly an honor to have your attention. I know how outrageous life can get, your time is valuable. I’m Rebecca. I’m a mother of three, business owner of two & an artist. I specialize in soul-filled, emotive photography. I document the birth & life of motherhood for creative and sentimental families living in Fort Worth / Dallas, Texas. I’m also a coffee roaster and former coffee shop owner. I share coffee responsibilities with my husband Bryan. Between us we caffinate a wild community full of amazing people in the Dallas Fort Worth area. I hope you decide to follow along, you’ll find stories of how I mother an incredible gaggle of babes, handle entrepreneurship & still feed my soul with good food and art. I know the term “community” gets passed around like popcorn but hey, you’re here! and I would love to connect!

You can view my work, learn details and book through my website: Www.LifeDiagramsPhotography.com

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