Authentic family photo sessions in DFW, Tx.

“Photographs that do more than prove you existed.” Fort Worth / DFW Family lifestyle photography I want to show that you lived passionately and loved feircely. I am continuously drawn to the dramatic and emotive ways we connect with our loved ones and our surroundings. A session with me is wholly focused on taking theContinue reading “Authentic family photo sessions in DFW, Tx.”

Birth Story – DFW home birth| Baby Zephaniah

Alexandra was someone I connected with over coffee one evening. We chatted about all things birth and our passions for parents having those raw, gritty, powerful feelings in birth. She wanted an out of hospital birth where she felt strong and empowered. I remember the days leading up to her due date, and then goingContinue reading “Birth Story – DFW home birth| Baby Zephaniah”

Birth story- VBAC out of hospital birth | Baby Raylan

This mama rocked her two day labor at Kueo Birth Center in Decatur, Texas. VBAC mama brought her baby earth side weighing in at a whopping 10lbs and 2oz!! “Rebecca is an amazing photographer. She captured the most precious moments of my labor & delivery. Highly recommend her. ❤️” – Rachel C.

Newborn – B| Fort Worth Life Style photographer | Life Diagrams Photography

emotive c o n t e m p l a t I v e sincere I believe newborns are perfect as they are, simply being themselves at this very short stage in life. I like to use natural lighting and natural poses. Instead of using backdrops, my client’s and I use our time together to meditate on the gift that this littleContinue reading “Newborn – B| Fort Worth Life Style photographer | Life Diagrams Photography”

Behind the scenes

I love using dubsado to manage business behind the scenes. It’s a one stop shop where I can handle contracts, invoicing, questionnaires, leads, booking calendar, email integration and the AUTOMATION! That has been the biggest benefit, it saves me several steps and keeps things consistent and on time. It integrates with quick books so thereContinue reading “Behind the scenes”

Birth story | Dallas Tx Birth Photography – Life Diagrams Photography, Rebecca Edmonson | birth of Hunter

One part of the birth story that always surprises my families is their beautiful heirloom album that arrives shortly after their online gallery. They get to choose their favorite images from their gallery then approve the album pages that I specially create for them. Below is a sample of album page previews of Hunter’s birthContinue reading “Birth story | Dallas Tx Birth Photography – Life Diagrams Photography, Rebecca Edmonson | birth of Hunter”