Dimples | Fort Worth Lifestyle Photographer – Rebecca Edmonson

I gather my thoughts, catch my breath and dive myself into the present. My 15 minute dwell in the moment, moment. Rebecca Edmonson is a published photographer living in Fort Worth, Texas. She specializes in birth & newborn lifestyle photography and loves capturing creative images of her own children.

VERA | Burst of light

My 15 minute dwell moment. I decided to follow Vera around with a peek-a-boo blanket. I adore the speckles of light dancing on her face but it did cast a pretty intense orange light on her skin. Luckily I had a white muslin cloth blanket hanging around and it lit her bright face up. MyContinue reading “VERA | Burst of light”

NEWBORN | LUKE | Fort Worth Newborn LIFESTYLE photographer – Rebecca Edmonson

Fort Worth newborn photographer – Rebecca Edmonson I enjoy photographing newborns as they are, simply being themselves at this very short stage in life. I use natural lighting and natural poses. Instead of using props, we’ll use laughter, snuggles, and intimate family connections that portray authentic daily life with your baby.  I simply document you, your story and what I see in theContinue reading “NEWBORN | LUKE | Fort Worth Newborn LIFESTYLE photographer – Rebecca Edmonson”


“I like the idea of having birth photography but I just don’t know if I want it.” You’re not alone. Birth is a whirlwind: a wonderfully intense experience. Many families often find that after giving birth, they only have a few concrete memories of what actually happened. Birth photography allows you to see and rememberContinue reading “PROS & CONS OF HIRING A BIRTH PHOTOGRAPHER IN Fort Worth, TX.”

BIRTH STORY | WYATT – Fort Worth Birth Photographer Life Diagrams Photography -Rebecca Edmonson

I had an amazing time watching this little guy be born under 3 hours. I mean, I tore through my house and into my car to get to this birth like mad woman but when I got there, mama was so relaxed, waiting to meet her baby. Her body might have hurried things along but there was no rush in the room. Just slow, intentional moments and pushes with just enough pause to soak up her husband’s excitement to catch his boy.