VIEW FULL GALLERY. I am enchanted with everything my babes dream up & create.
This particular blanket that I made for Vera sees daily play. It’s a regular go to for any kind of fancy cape wearing, tent makng or puppy picnicking. It reminds me of the still moments that I had laying in my hospital bed praying for Vera. In a period of chaos that I couldn’t control, I could put my mind into all the memories I wanted to have wrapped up in this blanket. .
Today, I have them. Here’s our 15 minute dwell moment.


Are you interested in having a dwell moment documented for your family? Lets chat!




Fort Worth newborn photographer – Rebecca Edmonson

I enjoy photographing newborns as they are, simply being themselves at this very short stage in life. I use natural lighting and natural poses. Instead of using props, we’ll use laughter, snuggles, and intimate family connections that portray authentic daily life with your baby. 

I simply document you, your story and what I see in the most sincere way.

“May God surround you with his favor. May you walk in humble confidence knowing you have everything you need because you have Him. May your sense of God’s purpose keep you moving forward and His amazing love for you pour in & through you like a stream of living water. May you always see yourself in the way He looks at you.”


Birth Story |Lucy| Birth photography – Grapevine birthing center | Life Diagrams Photography

Birth center | Unmedicated Water Birth | Grapevine Birthing Center| Grapevine, Tx.

Rebecca has such an amazing talent for capturing the beauty of bringing a life into this world. She photographed the birth of both of my babies and the images are something that I will treasure for always. Not only was she an awesome photographer, but having her present at the birth brought a dynamic of joy and peace that I would not trade for the world. Thanks Life Diagrams! We love your work!

What is most important to you that I capture? The little moments. I loved what you captured with Max’s birth and didn’t feel like anything was missing.
What thoughts or feelings have come up during this pregnancy? It has been such a huge time of transition for us as a family. I wish that we had a better situation for our sweet one to come into but I cannot WAIT to meet her and get to know her. I know that God’s hand is all over us in this season and even though it feels hard right now, I am trusting that He will cause all things to work for our good and that this will be a beautiful part of our story as we continue to grow as a family.
What are you most looking forward to about the arrival of your new baby?Seeing her face for the first time. Snuggles and love and soft soft skin and late nights and diapers and coos. Taking it slow and being able to be present in every moment. I cannot wait for all the firsts that are ahead of us and the adventure of trust and faith that babies bring.

Klein Birth | Lucy 2017-6Klein Birth | Lucy 2017-4Klein Birth | Lucy 2017-14Klein Birth | Lucy 2017-17Klein Birth | Lucy 2017-18Klein Birth | Lucy 2017-20Klein Birth | Lucy 2017-21Klein Birth | Lucy 2017-23Klein Birth | Lucy 2017-26Klein Birth | Lucy 2017-27Klein Birth | Lucy 2017-32Klein Birth | Lucy 2017-34Klein Birth | Lucy 2017-38Klein Birth | Lucy 2017-39Klein Birth | Lucy 2017-62Klein Birth | Lucy 2017-69Klein Birth | Lucy 2017-72Klein Birth | Lucy 2017-82Klein Birth | Lucy 2017-97Klein Birth | Lucy 2017-111Klein Birth | Lucy 2017-114Klein Birth | Lucy 2017-115Klein Birth | Lucy 2017-119Klein Birth | Lucy 2017-121Klein Birth | Lucy 2017-122Klein Birth | Lucy 2017-126Klein Birth | Lucy 2017-139Klein Birth | Lucy 2017-140Klein Birth | Lucy 2017-157Klein Birth | Lucy 2017-165Klein Birth | Lucy 2017-168Klein Birth | Lucy 2017-170Klein Birth | Lucy 2017-174Klein Birth | Lucy 2017-180Klein Birth | Lucy 2017-188Klein Birth | Lucy 2017-195Klein Birth | Lucy 2017-227

Klein Birth | Lucy 2017-243.jpgKlein Birth | Lucy 2017-250Klein Birth | Lucy 2017-254Klein Birth | Lucy 2017-256Klein Birth | Lucy 2017-258Klein Birth | Lucy 2017-259Klein Birth | Lucy 2017-261Klein Birth | Lucy 2017-268Klein Birth | Lucy 2017-269Klein Birth | Lucy 2017-270

Klein Birth | Lucy 2017-271.jpgKlein Birth | Lucy 2017-272.jpgKlein Birth | Lucy 2017-278Klein Birth | Lucy 2017-298Klein Birth | Lucy 2017-300Klein Birth | Lucy 2017-310Klein Birth | Lucy 2017-311

Welcome baby Lucy! I was so happy to find out you were expected to arrive this year! I love your sweet family. I got to document your big brother come into this world too!

If you are expecting, reach out! I’d would love to talk with you about what it would look like if you chose me as your birth photographer!

NEWBORN | Baby Hayden

Welcome Baby Hayden.

View Full Gallery.I first met René at Avoca on Magnolia to chat about her upcoming baby and what she wanted planned for her newborn session. When she ordered an iced chai tea latte I knew we would get along great. – Iced chai is my fav.


Hayden-6Newborn Lifestyle baby Hayden by Life Diagrams Photography-12DSC_2122-2Hayden-3

blog-hayden-3Newborn Lifestyle baby Hayden by Life Diagrams Photography-83Newborn Lifestyle baby Hayden by Life Diagrams Photography-65Newborn Lifestyle baby Hayden by Life Diagrams Photography-50Newborn Lifestyle baby Hayden by Life Diagrams Photography-72Newborn Lifestyle baby Hayden by Life Diagrams Photography-62Newborn Lifestyle Baby Hayden by Life Diagrams Photography-6-2Newborn Lifestyle baby Hayden by Life Diagrams Photography-20-2Newborn Lifestyle baby Hayden by Life Diagrams Photography-18Newborn Lifestyle baby Hayden by Life Diagrams Photography-15Newborn Lifestyle baby Hayden by Life Diagrams Photography-25Newborn Lifestyle baby Hayden by Life Diagrams Photography-27Newborn Lifestyle baby Hayden by Life Diagrams Photography-31-4WEBSIZE-hayden

“May God prove himself strong on your behalf. May He show you how to stand in His peace. May you know God’s loving and intimate presence right here, right now. May you experience first-hand how mighty, how powerful and how faithful He truly is. He faithful to your heart.”

If you are growing a family and interested in having your family photographed -please, lets connect! We can talk about what a lifestyle session could look like for you.