NEWBORN | Baby Henry

My purpose for newborn life style sessions is to capture families in their own environment, connected and relaxed together. Instead of using props, we use laughter, cuddles, and intimate family bonds. These sessions portray authentic daily life with a new baby and more importantly, real memories to remember.

When I first heard about Sarah’s pregnancy I was ecstatic! I knew she would have the cutest baby, cutest nursery and coolest story to tell! Sarah is the queen of vintage decorating and owns My Vintage Past Life– a cool etsy shop with vintage style. Baby Henry inherited a mighty fine nursery thanks to his mom’s creative eye!




“As each day draws to a close, may you embrace God’s grace, trusting He will fill every gap. Instead of being unsettled by imperfections, may you be undone by Jesus’ perfect love for you. Instead of fretting over missteps, may you rejoice that He never leaves your side. The One who moves mountains and gives miracles loves  breathing life into you. May you wholeheartedly know that
He is for you.”

If you are growing a family, big or small – lets connect! I would love to talk to you about what a lifestyle session could look like for you.



Welcome baby Cooper!

View full gallery/ | My purpose for lifestyle sessions is to capture families in their own environment, connected and relaxed together. Instead of using props, we use laughter, cuddles, and intimate family bonds. These sessions portray authentic daily life with a new baby and more importantly, real memories to remember.

I had the privilege of documenting this family’s journey from maternity, birth to newborn. I am so thankful for being invited in to such a beautiful season of life.


“May you dare to trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not on your own understanding. May you hope in Him and not in the approval of man. May you believe in His beautiful wisdom because hope in Him will never disappoint. May you grow in His love for you as He holds the depths of your heart.”

If you are expecting or growing a family – please, lets connect! We can talk about what a lifestyle session could look like for you.

Birth Story | Cooper

What is most important to you that I capture? The love and sheer excitement of Jeffrey meeting his son. It’s important for me as well meeting him. The expressions we have meeting him, knowing him, loving him. Loving each other. The leading up to it. The aftermath of birth and people meeting him. Jeff’s touches on me as he soothes. I want the love that will be in the room.

What thoughts or feelings have come up during this pregnancy? Scared, stress, overwhelming, humbleness at this journey and experience. So many different things have come up.

What are you most looking forward to about the arrival of your new baby?Meeting the new man God knew me and Jeffrey needed in our lives. Getting to touch him and kiss his cheeks. Watching our parents and friends swoon over him.

“We have yet to come up with words to explain Rebecca. She’s so full of love and compassion for the people she works with. She doesn’t treat you like a client, she treats you like family and has so much love for you and your family. From maternity to our birth, to newborn, she’s done an outstanding job of making you feel comfortable and happy. Especially when the birth you’re going for takes a turn quickly and dramatically, she’s quick to capture no matter the circumstances. If you need someone, I can’t recommend anyone better. Every photo, every moment has been utterly perfect.”

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Welcome baby Maevy!

Oh sweet baby Maevy, what a  joy to be around! She’s only 1 month old but already bursting with personality. I very much enjoyed getting to know this sweet little girl!


“May you have the presence of mind to cherish every second with the ones you love. May you make time for fun, for rest, and for reflection. May you come to know that much more can rest on God’s shoulders than yours. May you learn to love the journey because His yoke is easy and His burden is light and His love never stops loving time spent with you.”

If you are growing a family, lets connect! I would love to chat about what your lifestyle session would look like.

Birth story | the birth of my own babes

My very first birth of my son Abram in 2012 was wonderful. (42+5) It was a healing and transformative experience for me. I overcame a lot of fear and self loathing as well as found strength and support within my husband Bryan. Unfortunately, none of this was captured. The person I was relying on to photograph it – never. showed. up. I forgive her but man, these are moments I will never have photos of. My Husband felt compelled to jump in the birth pool with me to catch his first born son! haha! He was CHUNKY and beautiful and I wish I had more than a poor cell phone image of him.

My second birth of Rosalea, was a precipitous labor. (42+2) I seriously woke up at 6am and had her by 8am. CRAZY. I think it was all the prodromal labor that had been happening. Two weeks prior I had an ECV (breech baby) and my uterus stayed irritated. I barely made it to my midwife at Gentle Beginnings Birth center. (Where I also delivered my first.) Because I delivered so fast, my photographer friend didn’t arrive in time to document me catching her but she did capture beautiful moments afterwards. The student midwife was able to take some photos on our phones for us to have during the birth!

My third birth, (37+6) sweet Vera Wren turned into a high-risk pregnancy. I was dreaming / planning for a home birth. You know, the ones with warm water, twinkling lights and beautiful fragrances filling the air. It didn’t happen. I was diagnosed with polyhydramnios late in my pregnancy and had to transfer care to Acclaim Nurse Midwives and a perinatologist. I had pre-term labor at 32 weeks and had a week long stint in the hospital with magnesium and steroids. My birth experience was still great, considering. Acclaim Nurse midwives really went out of their way to acknowledge my home birth plans and tried to make me as comfortable as I could be while in their care. I really couldn’t recommend them enough. Vera came perfectly and in her own way.