Dimples | Fort Worth Lifestyle Photographer – Rebecca Edmonson

I gather my thoughts, catch my breath and dive myself into the present. My 15 minute dwell in the moment, moment. Rebecca Edmonson is a published photographer living in Fort Worth, Texas. She specializes in birth & newborn lifestyle photography and loves capturing creative images of her own children.

VERA | Burst of light

My 15 minute dwell moment. I decided to follow Vera around with a peek-a-boo blanket. I adore the speckles of light dancing on her face but it did cast a pretty intense orange light on her skin. Luckily I had a white muslin cloth blanket hanging around and it lit her bright face up. MyContinue reading “VERA | Burst of light”

BAKE & GATHER | Blackberry cheesecake

(RECIPE) Homegrown blackberry Cheesecake I’ve spent the better half of spring waiting on my backyard blackberry bushes to bloom. This recipe is absolutely best using fresh blackberries from your garden or farmer’s market.   First, start with the ingredients at room temperature. (This is an important step to achieving a smooth cheesecake batter with noContinue reading “BAKE & GATHER | Blackberry cheesecake”


View Full Gallery. I’ve inherited a lush blackberry bush when I first moved into my home a few years ago. Since then I’ve really tried to cultivate a beautiful organic garden that benefits the life inside a garden. I am really excited about this year’s harvest and my babes are having fun seeing their workContinue reading “PURSUIT | SUMMER BERRY”

FRESH | Home from the market

Life style at home | View full gallery. We didn’t go to the farmer’s market this morning, we stayed home to play instead.  My 15 minute dwell moment. Her curls have my heart, toasted cheese crackers has hers. Are you interested in having a  moment documented for your family? Lets chat! http://www.LIFEDIAGRAMSPHOTOGRAPHY.COM